So, a few things have changed since my last blog post, one of the most exciting being that I've recently been accepted to attend the University of Dayton, in their M.C.S. program, where I'll be focusing on and researching various areas of machine learning. I'm currently seeking internships for the 2019 calendar year, so if you know of any or are looking for candidates, please drop me a line!
This is the first post in a series, detailing my venture into the world of Machine Learning. I'll be documenting my progress through some books, including (but not limited to) Aurélien Géron's Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow. As I go, I'll be posting examples both from the book, and otherwise. The book has been proving to be a great resource so far, and I'm just starting chapter 2 (End-to-End Machine Learning Project), so I should have some good content to host soon!