Here you will find a selection of workouts I've created over the years, with backing research/sources to hopefully help you have an efficient, fun, informed time. You may see empty text boxes with labels such as this:

If you do, you can fill these in appropriately. Your entries will not be filled in on the site, but you can take a screenshot at the end of your workout to keep track of your lifts. Note: If you refresh the page, your entries will be lost, so try not to refresh mid-workout. If you have any corrections, suggestions, additions, or just want to say hi feel free to drop me a line.

Type Muscles Worked Load
Strength Chest, Biceps Light Run it
Circuit Back, Triceps Medium Run it
Circuit Back, Triceps Med/Hvy Run it
Strength Legs Light Run it
Circuit Chest, Bis Light Run it
Circuit Legs Light Run it