Runescape Skill Bot
Skill bot for Runescape that uses Tensorflow to detect tree sprites onscreen. Human-level error is injected into mouse movement using functions created from interpolation of previous human mouse movements in order to avoid bot detection. Work in progress.

Twitter GeoTracker
Web application consisting of two microservices written in NodeJS, one web server written in Go, and one client web page. Utilizes the Twitter streaming API to stream tweets, resolving their location to latitude & longitude coordinates, and plots them on a map using the Google Maps API in realtime.

Twitter Microservice
Simple microservice written in NodeJS. Accepts incoming websocket connections from client(s). Search filters are sent from client over WS connection, and tweets are streamed via the Twitter API based on received filters back to client in JSON form, with various attributes added such as tokenization and sentiment. Companion client program written in Python.

Prototype multithreaded program written in Golang. Pulls all (16,450 as of last run) boards from and will search them for given keyword(s). Companion program written to search (72 boards) in a similar manner. Thread count can be changed to set "aggression" level; uses Go channels for communication and synchronization.

Solutions through level 3 of Google's challenge. Written in Python.
Ongoing development of Pentesting reconnaissance shell script. Currently runs 1) preliminary (top 100 port) nmap scan, 2) deeper port scan using unicornscan, then 3) passes the ports from unicornscan to a service enumeration nmap scan. Working to add gobuster directory enumeration scan for targets running web servers.

Robinhood Go Package
Reverse-engineered the Robinhood app's undocumented API and created a package in Golang (Go) to handle login/out, stock pricing, and stock ordering.

Multithreaded, distributed, client-server POC system set up to distribute work among clients, and echo chat messages. Written in Go, for Emerging Languages final project. Extended from Jan Newmarch's multithreaded echo server. Final paper and presentation.